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Speaker | Presenter | Financial Expert

On her journey to entrepreneurial excellence, Belva stays committed to sharing the financial knowledge she gains along the way. She speaks to the masses to both remind and inspire future generations of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and executives, that it is possible to create, gain, and maintain generational wealth.



Belva has been a conversant guest speaker on various panels, TV and radio shows, including:

  • Panel Speaker for ‘Diverse Representation’ to discuss, “Black Talent, White Agents: There Are Still Issues That Aren’t Being Addressed”
  • Guest Speaker on CBS’s nationally syndicated television show ‘The Insider’ to discuss, “How Entertainers & Athletes Get into Tax Trouble”
  • Guest Speaker on ‘The Tammi Mac Late Show’ to discuss, “Black Finance”
  • Panel Speaker for ‘Diverse Representation’ to discuss, “Financial Matters for Creatives”
  • Interview with ‘MyFabFinance’ to discuss, “Leveling up in Uncertainty”
  • Keynote Speaker for ‘Werk2Wellness: A Virtual Summit by Rochelle Graham, and
  • Financial Expert on various People of Color Entertainment Panels’

Belva has received many accolades for her work, including:

  • The Los Angeles Times article, “Adaptation, determination, luck: How four small businesses are surviving the pandemic”
  • The Los Angeles Times article, “How The Rich Sometimes End Up Poor”

Belva has been featured/quoted in the following publications:

  • Diverse Representation – ‘Rising Stars’ (2020)
  • Variety Magazine – ‘Business Manager Elite’ (2020, 2019, 2012)
  • Variety Magazine – ‘Guardian of Hollywood Lives’ (2012)

The Glow-Getter

She’s Giving Back While Striving for More

In her ongoing commitment to education and giving back to underserved communities, Belva is an active mentor and volunteer who teaches basic financial literacy to youth and aspiring artists. She is a thought leader and credits hard work for her success, as well as not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Family Life

Belva is a proud wife and mother of two boys. As the sole female in her household, she continues her quest to be ever-present as a strong and influential female force to be reckoned with in the world of business management and beyond.

Higher Learning

Belva’s Experience & Education

With Belva’s prior experience in the fields of bookkeeping, finance, and accounting, she has developed a firm that provides a unique niche in business management.

Some of her educational milestones include:

  • Earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles;
  • Earning a Certificate in the ‘Management Development of Entrepreneurs’ program from UCLA Anderson School of Management;
  • Working as a Financial Analyst for The Walt Disney Company , where she used her skills & knowledge to initiate & implement new account reconciliation practices;
  • Working as an auditor for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
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